Air Fryer Cookbook: 550 Recipes For Each Day. Healthy and Scrumptious Meals. Basic and Clear Directions.

Air Fryer Cookbook: 550 Recipes For Every Day. Healthful and Scrumptious Meals. Simple and Clear Instructions.

Item Description


Delicious, Nutritious Recipes That Teach you How to Use Your Air Fryer to Its Maximum Potential

You will be amazed at how it is simple to cook your favored dishes with the Air Fryer
The first factor you need to know: You can cook practically everything you want with the Air Fryer
The second point : Only high-top quality recipes will reveal the whole aroma and taste of dishes cooked in an Air Fryer
And the third: With this cookbook, you will cook far better, tastier and faster meals for your self and your family.
In this book you will locate the very best:
Breakfast Recipes
Appetizers Recipes
Lunch and Dinner Recipes
Side Dish Recipes
Fish and Seafood Recipes
Poultry Recipes
Beef Recipes
Pork and Lamb Recipes
Vegetable Recipes
Dessert Recipes

This Air Fryer recipes cookbook is filled with nutritious and scrumptious recipes.

There are many VEGAN recipes (150+) in this cookbook too.

Price tag: $10.47

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