Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living

Alters and Schiff Crucial Ideas for Healthful Living

Product Description
Essential Concepts for Wholesome Living, Seventh Edition urges students to think critically about their wellness and general wellness and empowers them, with clearly identified tools, to help them attain this objective. It gives a clear and concise introduction to the most recent scientific and healthcare analysis in individual overall health and highlights typical behaviors and attitudes associated to individual health needs. The Seventh Edition, with an all new author team, contains a wealth of new and updated information, like details on obesity and infertility,

New & Key Characteristics of the Seventh Edition:

– Combines proof-based data with crucial pondering activities to guide students via evaluation of their personal well being behavior
– Helps students distinguish evidence-primarily based information from unreliable overall health info with examples pulled from common advertisements and other media.
– Life-style evaluation activities, provided in the student workbook, use current tools and methods to guide students via the behavior alter method.
– Diversity in wellness case studies are utilised to highlight experiences of diverse populations with regards to specific behavioral subjects or outcomes.
– Managing your wellness entries in every single chapter concentrate on sensible ways to incorporate health behavior into one’s lifestyle

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  • Alters And Schiff Vital Ideas For Healthier Living

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