Fast & Healthful Recipes and Tips: For people who say they don’t have time to cook healthy meals, 3rd Edition

Quick & Healthier Recipes and Tips: For folks who say they do not have time to cook healthier meals, 3rd Edition

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The third edition edition of this bestseller is now published by Tiny Methods Press! Men and women invest much less time cooking than ever before— but where do they turn when they nonetheless want to eat healthy? Quick & Healthful brings you over 200 simple recipes that are low in fat, cholesterol, and calories— and take virtually no time to prepare. With recipes developed for the busy cook, this newest edition contains sensible nutrition data as effectively as swift, delicious recipes that have been kitchen-tested for taste and ease. Inside, you will discover time-saving ideas, suggestions to minimize fat and cholesterol, and even meals exchanges for weight loss and diabetes.

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  • Rapid Healthier Recipes and Tips For people who say they don t have time to cook healthful meals 3rd Edition

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