Health Fitness Management – 2nd Edition: A Comprehensive Resource for Managing and Operating Programs and Facilities

Overall health Fitness Management – 2nd Edition: A Extensive Resource for Managing and Operating Applications and Facilities

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Overall health Fitness Management, Second Edition, offers an in-depth image of the varied and rewarding role of the well being and fitness club manager. With contributions from top professionals in the fitness business, a number of new chapters, a more practical emphasis, enhanced features, and the addition of instructor resources, this second edition is the most authoritative and field-tested guide to management achievement.

Whether soothing disgruntled members, making sure club safety and profitability, or motivating staff to perform at their very best, wellness and fitness club managers call for the right mix of expertise and flexibility to assistance the good results and continued development of their clubs. Each aspiring and practicing club managers can rely on Wellness Fitness Management to aid them acquire and boost their management capabilities across all areas:

-Human resources: Comprehend the significance of organizational development and the payoffs of thoughtful staff recruitment, coaching, improvement, retention, and compensation.

-Sales and marketing and advertising: Uncover new techniques to attract and retain members and enhance profitability with the appropriate mix of merchandise and services.

-Financial management: Find out how to study monetary statements and recognize and handle the dangers linked with operating a fitness club.

-Facility upkeep: Implement systems to ensure the upkeep and security of the facility and its equipment.

-Plan evaluation: Decide the “fitness level” of the club and its applications, capitalize on strengths, and find options to increase weak locations.

-Market viewpoint: Realize the history of wellness and fitness management, its present status, and future trends.
Well being Fitness Management, Second Edition, has been completely updated and organized for maximum retention and effortless reference. Each and every chapter starts with “Tales From the Trenches,” a genuine-life example that clearly illustrates the chapter’s theoretical concentrate. “The Bottom Line” segments sum up the important points of the chapters in an applied context so readers can see specifically how the details is applied on the job. Understanding objectives, crucial terms, and a list of references and suggested reading round out every single chapter to make the material even a lot more extensive to students, and a new instructor guide and test package make the text excellent for instructors teaching a course. Practitioners will discover the added bonus of many time-saving reproducible types, including a sample membership agreement, an gear upkeep kind, and a guest registration and physical exercise waiver.

Written by industry authorities with a lot more than 300 combined years of expertise, Overall health Fitness Management, Second Edition, is the basic resource for the management and operation of health and fitness facilities and programs. Enhanced with practical scenarios and applied knowledge, it provides a solid foundation for students preparing for a management profession in the well being and fitness business and serves as an vital reference for professionals currently enjoying the challenges and opportunities of club management.

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  • Published: 11-14-2007
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