Healthy by Design: Weight Loss, God’s Way: Christian Weight Loss Plan and Bible Study (Volume 1)

Healthier by Design and style: Weight Loss, God’s Way: Christian Weight Loss Plan and Bible Study (Volume 1)

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If God genuinely cares, then why does meals feel like an unending battle that you’re fighting alone? You want to believe the next diet program will be distinct but it feels like you’re never truly going to keep the weight off. Truth is, God deeply cares about every single aspect of your getting and has designed you to be healthier by style. Somewhere along the line you’ve gotten off-track, without having understanding it, so what you know need to be easy feels impossible. This 21 day every day devotional teaches you crucial spiritual truths about your weight loss journey in simple, simple to digest, daily readings and workouts. This is not a how-to book, but as an alternative shows you the patterns that have kept you in bondage, and the biblical truths that will set you totally free. Shifting your perspective and focus so weight loss comes naturally from a location of self-really like and Godly devotion rather of endless diets and will-energy that lead to despair and self-loathing. Quit fighting the battle, let God be your guide. A lot more than a book, ‘Weight Loss, God’s Way‘ involves totally free admission into the ‘21 Day Challenge‘ where you can companion with author Cathy Morenzie and hundreds of other ladies to learn these principals and walk them out together by means of quick every day video messages and access to our private Facebook group. Winner: Reader’s Decision Award 2015 in Well being & Wellness – Christian Literary Awards

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  • Wholesome by Style Weight Loss God s Way Christian Weight Loss Strategy and Bible Study Volume 1

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