InnerGuide Planners, Thoughts – Body – Spirit FITNESS, 90-Page, Every day Tear-Off Planning Note Pad (six.5 x 9) The 5-Minute Life Makeover!

InnerGuide Planners, Thoughts – Physique – Spirit FITNESS, 90-Web page, Everyday Tear-Off Arranging Note Pad (6.5 x 9) The five-Minute Life Makeover!

Product Description
Fitness is about so considerably much more than just becoming physically fit. We think that correct wellness means being fit in all elements of your getting: thoughts, body and spirit. In that way, wellness consists of not only taking care of your body via exercise and healthful eating but also developing a powerful and calm center that promotes supportive thoughts, words and actions.

Value: $12.95

  • Stay on track with your wellness and fitness ambitions.
  • Break old habits that have been holding you back.
  • Live a more balanced life.
  • Establish new, healthier patterns.
  • Preserve your thoughts good to assistance your efforts!

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