Inspiring Weightloss Wall Decal excellent for Gyms Overall health & Fitness Centres

Inspiring Weightloss Wall Decal perfect for Gyms Wellness & Fitness Centres

Product Description
Often Asked Inquiries to Design Divil: How effortless are wall decals to set up? Our wall decals are surprisingly easy to set up. We provide effortless to comprehend application guidelines with every wall sticker. Are your wall decals re-positionable? Our wall stickers are not re-positionable and can only be applied after. Where can I apply the wall decals? Our wall decals can be applied to nearly any smooth surface which includes but not limited to smooth wallpaper, paint, glass, windows, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, mirrors, drywall, plaster, laptops, vehicles, boats, vans and all other automobiles. Where can not I apply the wall decals? Our wall stickers are not recommended for use on textured surfaces i.e. brickwork or fabric. How extended do your wall decals last? We manufacture all wall stickers utilizing a premium good quality vinyl with a minimum five year outside manufactures assure, even so they will last up to ten years indoors. Can the wall stickers be removed? Yep basic, just gently heat the wall sticker utilizing a hair dryer and then gently peel the sticker off the wall. As we use a high high quality removable vinyl there should be no mess, and no evidence of the wall sticker after removal. Removal instructions are also supplied with each order. Is it ok to apply my wall sticker to a lately painted wall? Please allow two-three weeks for the fresh paint to harden prior to applying your wall sticker.

Price tag: $32.95

  • Size 22” w x 40” h (57cm x 1mtr) Colour Black/Red.
  • Design DIVIL’S SET Includes:• Your decal with transfer paper applied • Free practice decal • Cost-free Squeegee • Straightforward step-by-step detailed guidelines
  • Inspire your Weight loss! Excellent for Specialist or Property Health club Studios
  • Created from specialist grade Wall Decal Vinyls
  • Easy to apply and can be removed (not repositioned) with no harm to current walls

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