R2L Anti-Radiation Chip For Cell Phones – Reduces Radiation by 70%

R2L Anti-Radiation Chip For Cell Phones – Reduces Radiation by 70%

Item Description
Are cell phones harmful to use? Why to take a opportunity if you have an simple access to some thing that can avert the adverse effects of harmful radiations coming from your phone. R2L is an anti-radiation chip that is scientifically-tested to substantially lessen radiations with out interfering with your cell phone’s signal. It works by converting RF (Radio Frequency) signal spikes into harmless bursts of energy, which means you are safe always. Just spot it on the surface of your cell telephone and avoid the penetration of damaging radiations by 70%. IF THE CHIP DOES NOT LIGHT UP, PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING 3 POINTS: The light not lighting up implies 1 of the following has occurred: -99% of time the light not lighting up is attributed to the R2L being in the wrong position. -You are as well close to a cell telephone tower. -Your Wi-Fi is not shut off. The R2L only functions on the cellular signal not on Wi-Fi signal.

Cost: $28.99

  • Reduces cell telephone radiation up to 70%
  • Does not interfere with call good quality or clarity
  • Flashes L.E.D. when radiation is becoming absorbed
  • Sleek style with effortless-to-use peel & spot application
  • Certified by two independent S.A.R. testing labs

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