Rooh Dream Catcher – Ganesha ~ Handmade Hangings for Positivity (Employed as Property Décor Accents, Wall Hangings, Garden, Car, Outdoor, Bedroom, Essential chain, Meditation Room, Windchime) (red)

Rooh Dream Catcher – Ganesha ~ Handmade Hangings for Positivity (Employed as Property Décor Accents, Wall Hangings, Garden, Auto, Outside, Bedroom, Important chain, Meditation Room, Windchime) (red)

Product Description
Brand Introduction

“Rooh” is a Sanskrit word for ‘Soul’, we at Rooh® make certain that every factor we do strikes a cord at the highest level of human wellbeing ‘THE SOUL’. Our brand is a reflection of our operate and our function is reflection our brand ‘The dreams we dream are nothing but whispers from our soul’

Why get a Rooh® Dream Catcher?

Dream Catchers the popular Native American (Ojibwa tribe) charms are hand woven with the intention of nurturing your loved ones & bridging art with divinity. These beautiful searching at Rooh® Dream Catchers are intended to shield the sleeping individual by filtering the negative vibrations and undesirable dreams to postives ones. At Rooh® we stick to the understanding from Ojibwa people who use to make hand woven dream catchers with all components obtainable in the nature such as twigs, sinew, shells, stones and feathers to teach natural wisdom to their young ones. At Rooh® we have taken the studying a step forward and added our knowledge of ‘COLOR PSYCHOLOGY’ and effect it can produce to ones life. The Color chosen by you is the colour that brings optimism to your life, so get the 1 that touches your ‘SOUL’.

Hence Rooh® Dream Catcher has DUAL Benefits unlike any other brand
• 1. It performs at evening as a traditional dream catcher by passing out positive dreams from the net
• two. In the day the vibrant colors of our goods, function subconsciously on you and acts a driving force to accomplish your dreams and cherish the memories of your loved ones.

Value: $ten.99

  • ✔️ At Rooh® each and every Dream Catcher is handwoven with the intention of producing love and positivity. This desirable-looking dream catcher is intended to safeguard the sleeping individual from damaging dreams, although letting only positive dreams pass via. We have meticulously merged art with benefits of colour psychology that will ensure happiness and optimism.
  • ✔️ Every Rooh® Dream Catcher are 100% handcrafted by ladies artisans in India. They are handmade in ethical situations, with Free variety feathers ONLY as a result getting in harmony with nature!
  • ✔️With each Rooh® product you obtain, you are Assisting produce employment for privileged at property Women and Providing a possibility to make more #happydreamers in the world. Rooh also guarantees portion of the profits from each item goes to NGOs that shape the lives of men and women. We strongly think ?A Dream you dream alone is just a dream but a dream you dream together is Reality?
  • ✔️ SIZE: Diameter of the loop or Web is 7 cm & Length is (from best to bottom) is 20 cm. Rooh® Dream Catcher are packed in quite inventive present boxes. Pls check item pictures for Size & packaing.
  • ✔️ Quality – If you are not fully satisfied with this product for any purpose, contact us for Complete REFUND at any time. On the other hand pls do leave a excellent FEEDBACK if you like our supplying & aid us with our lead to!

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