ten Tips FOR A SUSTAINABLE Wholesome Way of life

10 Tips FOR A SUSTAINABLE Healthful Life-style

Here are my best ten tips for starting a healthier life-style that is sustainable lengthy-term!
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Hey youngsters! I am Kristee, a 22 year old grad student living in DC. On my channel you will locate exciting life style, college, and fitness videos, plus something else I want to document in this video diary of my life along the way!

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How tall am I?
5′ 3″

When did I begin losing weight?
June 9, 2017 soon after I graduated college.

What am I performing in DC?
Obtaining my Master’s in Foreign Policy from American University!

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Yo, FTC! These goods have been all purchased by me, playaaaa. Fosho. I am so gangsta I don’t need companies to pay me for videos. Which I did not in this video, capishe? Is that even how you spell that? Have an unforgettable day. And keep in mind, this is constantly my sincere opinion. Over and out.

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