Terracotta Mandala Ornament, White Quartz Gemstone, House | Workplace | Vehicle Essential Oil Diffuser

Terracotta Mandala Ornament, White Quartz Gemstone, Residence | Office | Vehicle Important Oil Diffuser

Solution Description

About your Flower of Life Mandala Organic Terra Cotta Clay Reiki Infused Ornament.

You might be asking your self, “What is Reiki ?” Properly, please permit me to explain.

*Reiki (pronounced Ray Essential)?

Reiki means “universal life force power” (hold on, I will hold explaining) and when Reiki flows through your chakras, or energy points, it balances, heals, and harmonizes all aspects of your body, mind, and soul promoting relaxation and a sense of nicely-being.

*The meaning of Mandala.

Mandala means circle represents the universe and wholeness.

Mandalas are geometric patterns which offers balancing visual components, symbolizing unity and harmony.

The meanings of individual mandalas are normally diverse and distinctive to that mandala.

Flower of Life is made of a number of evenly spaced, overlapping circles, visual connection of life that runs via all beings.

Crystal Quartz, occasionally referred to as Clear Quartz, is recognized as the Master Healer of the mineral kingdom.

Crystal Quartz is also identified as the Stone of Power amplifying any power, intention, mantra, or affirmation.

*The which means of Snow Quartz Gemstone…

Snow Quartz supplies you with peaceful power.

Snow Quartz also helps to safeguard you when traveling in the snow.

The Snow Quartz Gemstone is natural and may possibly have mother nature’s beauty marks.

*To hold the clay in its organic state the ornament has not been sealed.

Simply because the ornament has not been sealed, you can use a handful of drops of your favorite important oil.

When once more, due to its all-natural state please do not wet it with water.

A hemp hanging cord will allow you to show the ornament on your vacation decor or even automobile.

Since the ornament is hand-rolled and hand-stamped variations will occur.

An info card will be included with every ornament.

May possibly your ornament bring you the peace for which it was created.

Price tag: $14.95

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