The Big Book of Health and Fitness

The Huge Book of Well being and Fitness: A Practical Guide to Diet plan, Workout, Healthy Aging, Illness Prevention, and Sexual Properly-Being

Product Description

Taking handle of your wellness and properly-being is a needed and personal journey. From teens and parents fighting obesity in America, to aging child boomers refusing to go quietly into the dark night—everyone can keep match, healthier, and active for numerous years to come! This book lays out a sensible and holistic road map that tends to make well being and fitness an ingrained part of your life-style, and an effortless-to-obtain objective for each men and girls at any age.

For much more than three decades, Dr. Maffetone has been treating and advising sufferers, coaching athletes, lecturing worldwide, and writing books about the importance of self-health care. Subjects covered in his newest book contain how to make healthier dietary choices, obtain the best nutrition from genuine food, avoid illness and illness, and understand to listen to your physique. Also discover the dangers of common dietary supplements, fat-burning physical exercise for weight loss, lowering pressure, controlling inflammation, getting a healthful and fulfilling sex life, and considerably far more. Maffetone expertly guides the reader step by step by means of each and every subject and supplies easy overall health surveys to assist you greater comprehend how the physique functions and what to safely do if a issue or symptom arises for the duration of your fitness or dietary regimen.

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