The Healthy Living Handbook: Simple, Everyday Habits for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

The Healthier Living Handbook: Basic, Every day Habits for Your Physique, Thoughts and Spirit

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Straightforward, Every day Ways to Lifelong Wellness for Your Body, Thoughts, and Spirit

These days we are living longer than ever, yet we’re more run down, anxious, overweight, exhausted, stressed out, depressed, and all-about much more unwell than ever ahead of. The quantity of the days we reside is up, but the top quality of these days is down. Way down.

What if there were a simple, each day way to alter this? What if a wholesome life were simply within your grasp–body, mind, and spirit? The good news is that it is!

Going beyond more than-hyped diets and complicated exercising routines, spiritual wellness specialist and certified nutritional counselor Laura Harris Smith distills the essence of a healthier life into one simple, sensible notion: alter your habits, adjust your life. By showing that a truly healthful life is a lot more than physical–it really is mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual–Smith provides you straightforward, every day methods not only to live properly, but to reside far better, in each area of life.

Accessible, sensible, and grounded in actual life, The Healthier Living Handbook is not a key life-style overhaul it really is just full of straightforward course corrections that will bring you the peace, rest, energy, connection, and clarity you have longed for. When you live from a location of true well being, you will love a lot more deeply, engage more totally, and participate with other people much more wholeheartedly.

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