ZIraki Wedge Foam Seat Cushion Pillow Support, Coccyx – Orthopedic Wellness Comfort Pillow For Back Pain Relief , Sciatica And Tailbone Pain – Ideal Gift for Home Office Car or Chair Black Non-Slip

ZIraki Wedge Foam Seat Cushion Pillow Help, Coccyx – Orthopedic Wellness Comfort Pillow For Back Pain Relief , Sciatica And Tailbone Pain – Excellent Present for House Workplace Auto or Chair Black Non-Slip

Item Description


•Herniated/slipped or bulging discs • Post-surgery discomfort • Pinched nerves • Stiff or sore reduce back, hips or coccyx • Spondylolisthesis • Degenerated discs •Sacral joint pain • Sciatica

• Stenosis • Pregnancy pain • Improper spine alignment • Problems with blood circulation • Pinched nerves • Orthopedic difficulties

AND WANT TO Expertise:

✔✔Back Discomfort Relief and Healing

✔✔Healthy posture

✔✔Proper spine alignment

✔✔Improved blood flow to your reduced back and extremities

✔✔Soothing comfort, Ease Discomfort and Pressure, and Sit Right

The Ziraki Memory Foam Wedge Seat Cushion was designed following years of research to craft the perfect WEDGE SHAPE AND REAR COCCYX CUTOUT TO Assistance YOUR Reduce BACK, COCCYX AND HIPS.Sculpted from premium highest grade memory foam, you can comfortably sit for hundreds of hours and the cushion will retain its shape with out flattening.

Non slip bottom will ensure that your pillow stays in place with out moving around. You can perform and move about on it very easily and securely.

-Easily transportable and lightweight With its built in handles- take the Ziraki Memory Foam Wedge Seat Cushion wherever you go, so you can sit greater all the time.

Don’t overlook our 100% SATISFACTION Guaranteed POLICY, if you are not 100% happy with the High High quality Ziraki Wedge seat pillow.

Cost: $12.99

  • SIT COMFORTABLY With out THE Discomfort- If you really feel stiff and sore following sitting, or encounter tailbone, Coccyx or back pain, get pleasure from relief with this comfy, supportive seat pillow. Helps with most sitting pain due to sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, pregnancy back discomfort, hip pain, hemorrhoids and other spinal issues, by Minimizing its Stress whilst sitting, Due to rear coccyx cutout.
  • Increase AND Safeguard YOUR POSTURE- The wedge shape offers help, comfort, and assists straighten and right your posture, with utmost assistance along your reduced back’s natural arcs. Protects you from sitting wrong in harmful positions, and permits for an even distribution of your weight.
  • Wonderful FOR ANY UNCOMFORTABLE SITTING CHAIRS- Workplace- TRAVELING…-Effortlessly take the transportable Ziraki Wedge Seat Cushion with you everywhere, with its Constructed IN Deal with FOR Effortless CARRYING – the workplace chair, wheelchair, lengthy drives in your vehicle , although watching Tv or employing the pc, and everywhere you want to sit nicely with out getting in pain.
  • Higher Top quality-MEMORY FOAM PILLOW- . Created with premium high quality,100% memory foam. Firmness for all memory foam items alterations with temperature. Your cushion will feel softer in warm and firmer in cold temperatures. Room temperature is best for optimal efficiency!
  • Machine-washable zippered BREATHABLE MESH cover for Effortless MACHINE CLEANING, and NON SLIP COVER, will keep your pillow neatly in spot.

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